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We’ve been in business since 2016 and helped businesses grow into six-figure all-stars.

And we want to help your business share the stories with your audience that’ll keep them in the honeymoon stages of being in love with you (the money you’ll make in your business is just an added bonus).

Our purpose is to help you create a legacy business – something that’ll last long after you’re gone, so your legacy will keep giving and growing.

Here’s how we can help:

For The Self-Starter DIY Lover:

Emails That Sell: Have Your List Writing Back and Buying from You with the First ‘Hello

My goal for this course is that you get your first automated sale from new subscribers in your email’s welcome sequence.

For The Savvy Business Owner Who Wants Someone On Their Team:

*Inquiries for my Platinum Facebook Ads service should be sent to Micah@MicahKlug.com.

Micah Klug coaching.

The white-glove coaching experience which gives you the exact strategies we use to help businesses make more money without doing more work. Because you deserve to flourish helping those you love.

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