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Stand Out in a Crowded Inbox

Use the power of storytelling to convert strangers into loyal fans with our free welcome sequence.

    Are you looking for a way to create a long-lasting bond with your audience from the very beginning?

    Download This Free Storytelling Email Welcome Sequence and you’ll get…

    • 5 captivating welcome email swipe files to foster an emotional connection
    • Easy plug-and-write welcome series that will engage your readers
    • Opportunities to build trust and create a lasting connection with your audience

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      Hey there, friend! I’m Micah.

      I’m a wife, homeschooling mom of 5, and a powerful storytelling coach for entrepreneurs who want to increase sales, connect with customers, and share stories that drive real results.

      I ran a Facebook Ads agency for 5 years where my clients generated $1.5M, making 2-3x return on ad spend.

      And my favorite part was writing juicy story ad copy that got my clients these results.

      I know what it’s like to be unsure of what stories to tell and feel like the competition’s voices drown yours out.

      And I want to help you learn how to create powerful stories that will increase your sales and make an emotional connection with your audience.

        From Strangers To Fans: Unlocking Brand Loyalty Through Storytelling Welcome Sequence

        With 5 captivating welcome email swipe files at your fingertips, you’ll be able to foster a sense of brand loyalty from the very start of your customer journey.

        Get your hands on our free welcome sequence today and see the results for yourself!