Authority Builders Elite Coaching Program

Ready to grow your online business without being tied to your desk? You started your business to spend more time with your family, not away from them.

Let’s work together so you can increase your income and impact without feeling like you need to be everywhere online all the time.


If you want to grow your income in your business, it’s time to find those money-making opportunities that’ll take your monthly payout from “I hope I have enough” to “this is lifechanging!”

You didn’t start your business because you want to have a better relationship with your phone or computer. But right now, you’re probably feeling that way.

(Fingers crossed you’re not shouting your phone’s “nickname” at your kids when you’re asking them to load the dishwasher).

You’re not only wasting your time trying to figure out what’s worth going all-in with your business, but it’s giving you more stress and time away from your family.

You’re a one person show, you shouldn’t be doing it all. You need a coach who will help you identify your money makers in your business and help you create a reoccurring revenue system (passive is preferred, because you have t-ball and swim club to attend).

That’s why Authority Builders Elite Coaching Program gives you the exact strategies we use to help businesses make more money without doing more work. Because you deserve to flourish helping those you love.

Just imagine being able to drive sales to your business that…

  • Adds new people to your email list who adore hearing from you
  • Charms the socks off your readers because you know how to weave your stories into your content to cement your emotional connection with them
  • Proves you’re an authority in your industry…because trust and helping your community actually means something to you
  • Creates a legacy business because you know you want your work to keep going long, long after you’re gone

You are here for a reason.

As a business owner with a special message that only you can share, you have the power to create a community that readers want to know and trust.

In fact, you might say you are the voice that readers trust.

A group of women sitting together laughing and talking.

You’re creating content for your business YOUR way, and you’re proud of the work you do. You’re committed to growing a successful business, but sometimes you collapse from exhaustion while navigating all the things (another traffic plunging algorithm update or sporadic seasonal pageviews, anyone?).

You have a burning passion for helping your community of readers.

Deep in your heart, you know if you can just break through all the noise and connect with those who need your voice, your valuable words of wisdom and powerful stories will truly transform their lives.

A woman in a yellow sweater sitting in a blue chair writing in her journal.

You want to get in front of your people and let them know you’re here to help them. Your words have the power to change their world, so let’s reach your readers and let them know you’re on their side.

The truth is that some business owners need a big sister approach* to learn the secrets that drive high-quality traffic, valuable leads, and loyal customers (i.e. being paid for changing people’s world!).

And to that I say, welcome to our family.

*What is a big sister approach you may ask? Well, it means you’ll have someone by your side who cares about your success, but who isn’t afraid to call you out or share some tough love. Because, at the end of the day, I want to be there to cheer you on when you do a victory dance for your business.

Get traffic. Get leads. Get sales.

“You’re the best investment I’ve ever made.”

That is the kind of impact you’ll start making when you join the Authority Builders Elite Coaching Program.

You will learn to embrace the power of our S.T.O.R.Y. Framework and even if you hate writing content, you’ll learn the strategies to quickly create high quality content, so you are not playing catch-up with your competitors.

The Authority Builders Elite Coaching Program will guide you to your community, because you deserve to be a part of something special.

A woman typing on her computer.

If you only want to focus on creating content…you’re not going to like this but building high quality traffic that actually ranks takes time.

The good news? Our coaching program is centered around our S.T.O.R.Y. Framework. This is the same method that allowed me to generate $1.5M for past clients and grow a parenting site from a humble 26K pageviews to over 134K pageviews per month in just a year!

Traffic – June 2022 (26K pageviews)

Traffic – June 2023 (134K pageviews) a 415% Increase

Hey there friend, I’m Micah Klug

You see, I’ve been involved in a lot of different businesses both throughout my career as a former Facebook ads agency owner and blogger for my parenting website.

I promise when you start writing blog content with your readers in mind, you will turn a stranger into a fan every day.

How? Well, a common sneaky theme you might be tired of hearing is stories sell.

But which stories will earn you the most money and drive your organic traffic to new heights?

I found out. My S.T.O.R.Y. Framework helped my ad clients generate $1.5 million dollars and took my parenting site from a humble 26K pageviews per month to 134K pageviews per month in just one year.

If you’re ready to take your blog to the next level, I’m here to help. The Authority Builder Elite Coaching Program will teach you how to use the S.T.O.R.Y. Framework to create traffic climbing content, so you can get the page views, email subscribers and sales you deserve!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s work together and transform your business into a legacy-building machine.

Need a little more information? I hear you, friend.

Between you and me, I never thought I would break the 26K pageviews ceiling in my business.

I started my parenting blog three days after bringing home my third child from the hospital.

Phrases like “search engine optimization”, “competitor analysis”, and “interlinking” seemed like they should belong in an Orson Scott Card sci-fi book.

But, I have a left-brain data mind, which allowed me to “plink” away at my parenting website while I generated over $1.5 million for clients.

Although this amount of money sounds amazing (and I’m super happy for my clients) I couldn’t help but feel like I wanted what they had.

Month after month I would check my parenting website traffic.

Excited to see a 100 pageview day, then a 500 pageview day, and I know this sounds silly, but I was thrilled to hit my first 1,000 pageview day.

But then I got stuck. I couldn’t break the 1,000 day (and my heart dropped if my pageviews went back down to 600 or 700).

I had a choice to make.

Either I figure out how to bring in more traffic on a part-time mommy schedule or I keep making other people rich.

So, I made some drastic changes to my organic keyword strategy and now I bring in thousands a month in ad revenue (thank you, Mediavine).

Here’s how you and I will work together towards your businesses happily ever after:

Two women standing at a white board in a meeting, writing down notes, thoughts, and ideas.

Month 1: Solid Foundation

Month 1 of our journey together you’ll start building a solid foundation for your content creation success!

  • Learn the keyword research tools people are under utilizing (and how to use them for maximum growth)
  • Deciding on which content is worth double downing on during our content audit
  • Crete a content plan for the next 3 months

Month 2: Content Creation

You didn’t think all website traffic was equal, did you? Spoiler alert, it’s not!

  • Learn the 3-pillars of website traffic and how to leverage each one
  • Focus on creating impactful content to drive real results to your website

Month 3: Storytelling Secrets

Month 3 we are diving deep into the world of personal stories and you’ll be gifted my Stand Out With Story Intensive ($1,497 value) for FREE.

  • Understanding the power of emotions: Explore the impact of emotions in storytelling and how to evoke specific feelings in your readers.
  • Embracing vulnerability: Be open and authentic in your storytelling to build a deeper connection with your audience.
  • Experimenting with different media: Explore various formats like written content, videos, podcasts, or visual storytelling to diversify your storytelling approach.

Month 4: Interlinking

Learn why interlinking is crucial for SEO and positioning yourself as an authority in your audience’s beautiful eyes.

  • Creating an Interlinking Strategy: Develop a plan to strategically interlink relevant content within your website.
  • Optimizing Old Content: Update and improve older posts with interlinking opportunities.
  • Discover the best interlinking tool that will make you swoon with delight

Month 5: Engaging With Your Audience

Remember that engagement is a two-way street, so let’s bring them a (figurative) loaf of fresh homemade bread and give them a warm welcome to their new favorite place to be.

  • Engage with your audience by responding to comments on your content, whether it’s a blog post, video, or social media post.
  • Go live on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube to connect with your audience in real-time and provide behind-the-scenes glimpses or exclusive content.
  • Set up the go-to place where you know your people will want to be.

Month 6: Email Marketing

You’re hard work creating content and finding your people is starting to pay off. Now, you can keep pouring into your community and amplify your efforts even more.

  • Creating lead magnets to entice people to subscribe to your emails.
  • Aligning email marketing efforts with your overall content marketing plan.
  • Exploring opportunities to monetize your email list and content.
  • Leveraging affiliate marketing and sponsored content in emails.

Month 7: Product Creation

Here’s how you’re going to get your audience to tell you exactly what they want while respecting your time and lifestyle.

  • Conducting market research to identify potential product opportunities.
  • Developing the product prototype or minimum viable product (MVP)
  • Launching the product to the target audience
  • Analyzing sales and customer data to evaluate the product’s success and make future improvements.

Month 8: Affiliate Program

When you find something so good, don’t you want to share this with your besties? Then, let’s help your people talk to their people.

  • Launch a referral program that incentivizes content creators to invite other influencers and creators to join the affiliate program.
  • Provide personalized support and guidance to content creators to help them optimize their promotional strategies and increase their affiliate sales.
  • Analyze the program’s performance for the month, identify areas for enhancement, and plan future initiatives to further engage and motivate content creators.

Month 9: Leveraging Partnerships (aka, “playing well with others”)

You were not meant to be a lone wolf in this online world. I mean, you can be, but then you won’t nearly have the impact you can if you do what your kindergarten teacher advised and, “help others.”

  • Understanding the Power of Partnerships and potential of collaborating with other content creators, brands, or businesses.
  • Finding partners whose values, goals, and target audience align with your content and brand.
  • Leveraging partnerships to cross-promote each other’s content, freebies, and products to reach new audiences.
  • Understanding how to incorporate affiliate marketing into partnerships for additional revenue streams.

Month 10: Mid-Term Audit

Whew! There has been so much happening these last few months.

This is where we dive deep into your organic website traffic, analyze data from your email list, freebie and product launches, and for our remaining time together, YOU can select from these units to skyrocket your authority.

Month 11 & 12: You Choose Your Impact

When we work together for nearly a year, we will know your business inside and out. You will become an expert in what your people need to take your business to that next level, so, here’s how we can launch your new legacy business for continued growth:

Module 1: Facebook and Instagram Ads

Supercharge your content’s reach and engagement by harnessing the power of Facebook and Instagram Ads. You will have a former Facebook Ads agency owner who generated over $1.5 million for clients in your back pocket, unlocking limitless potential for your email list and product sales!

Module 2: Video Marketing and YouTube

Unlock your creative potential and reach a worldwide audience by harnessing the power of video marketing on YouTube and Instagram Reels. These platforms can skyrocket your content and brand to new heights! And not to mention you’ll have free access to our in-house video editor for as long as you’re a coaching client.

Module 3: Creating A Membership Program

Discover the untapped potential of creating a Membership Program and take your content creation journey to new heights with recurring income!

It’s up to you:

Look, you can keep relying on luck to get your blog posts noticed and hope the last 3 hours of your life writing your last post ranks, OR you can become an Authority Builder and start making the money your business deserves.